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Mammographers continue to broaden their skillset throughout their career. We offer continuing education opportunities that fit every need.


We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you are seeking a breast imaging bootcamp, or one of our conferences, our extensive offering of programs provides you with training, CEUs, and a strong community of peers and educators. 

Mammography Educators is continually in the process of developing ways for you to keep your skills honed, learn about new and innovative technologies, and continue improving your techniques. Learning is a lifelong process and we are here to support you on that journey. Check out the wide variety of live and on-demand educational resources we offer with our Breast Imaging Academy.

Mammography Educators is dedicated to standardizing positioning training. UCSF patients and staff have benefited immensely from this program. Better positioning, safer positioning and tremendous results!

Amy Vincent

MIT Matters Student

Breast Imaging Academy

Hear from distinguished educator and co-founder Ms. Louise Miller, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT), FSBI, FNCBC on her lifelong journey as a technologist.


Have You Checked Out Our Guidebooks? 

Image Quality & Positioning Problem-Solving for Breast Imagers: Meeting EQUIP Standards

CEUs: Earn With Post-Test

Created to address specific imaging standards outlined by the FDA’s EQUIP guidelines. Learn More

Mammography Positioning Guidebook, 2nd Edition

CEUs: Earn With Post-Test

The Mammography Positioning Guidebook provides a clear overview of standard mammography positioning techniques . Learn More

Improving Mammography Image Quality: Two-Part Collection

CEUs: Earn With Post-Test

This bundle reflects $15 in savings over purchasing these two resources separately and is required reading for our 40-hour Mammography Initial Training online course.

Connect with colleagues from all over the world in our Quality Breast Imagers Group

Great info! Louise Is so knowledgeable in breast imaging. She is very responsive to all questions asked and answers with supporting data. Positioning in mammography is a difficult intimate skill, being able to verbalize patients needs is a talent and treasured to us technologists who often times feel so alone. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make our profession top notch!

-MIT Matters Student

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