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Clinicians recognize the need for a personalized approach to breast cancer detection and patient care. Understanding the breast care pathway for each patient and meeting them where they are at in terms of breast density, access, and their individual needs are critical.

This webinar series will cover how breast imagers and clinicians can utilize specific breast imaging modalities available to them to impact patient care with an in-depth overview of imaging techniques using patient cases and clinical stories that demonstrate the use of how various modalities (Contrast Enhanced Mammography, Breast Biopsy, Automated Breast Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) are incorporated and improve detection.

Kick off the new year with a resolution to truly understand what "complete breast care solution" means through the stories of patients, technologists and radiologists.

Part One: January 2024

"Beyond the Screening Mammogram: Multimodality Approach to Dense Breasts"

When: Tuesday, January 23, 2024 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Speaker: Allison Zupon, MD

CEU: Earn 1 Category-A CEU*

Description: This webinar will cover the breast care pathway for patients with a focus on women with dense breasts. Dr. Allison Zupon will dive deep into the applications available to supplement mammography including contrast-enhanced mammography and automated breast ultrasound.

Part Two: February 2024

"How and Why of Breast MRI: Unveiling the Advantages of MRI in Breast Health"

When: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Speakers: Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD and Adam Casebolt, RT(R)(MR)

CEU: Earn 1 Category-A CEU*

Description: In this session, Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD will explain how MRI aids in assessing breast diseases, guiding treatment decisions, monitoring response to therapy, and enhancing overall breast health management. Topics will also highlight the comparative aspect and reasons for choosing breast MRI and how it complements other breast imaging tools. Adam Casebolt is an MRI Clinical Product Manager at GE HealthCare and works with UC San Diego to develop and implement advanced MR imaging sequences to enhance research and clinical outcomes.  Adam will discuss different imaging techniques and pulse sequences specific for breast MRI.

Part Three: March 2024

"Optimizing Patient and Provider Communications in a Dense Breast Program"

When: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Speakers: Ashley L. James, RT(R)(M) and Serena Tidwell, MD

CEU: Earn 1 Category-A CEU*

Description: This session will cover proven strategies used to communicate the risks associated with dense breast tissue and the need for supplemental breast imaging with both patients and providers. Ashley James will cover the tools used to increase patient understanding and compliance for facilities providing automated breast ultrasound services. Dr. Tidwell will discuss tactics that can be utilized to help referring providers, especially OB/GYNs understand supplemental breast imaging needs and ordering procedures.

Part Four: April 2024

"Contrast Enhanced Mammography: A Goldilocks Solution - Clinical Case Review & Impact for Patients"

When: Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Speaker: Elizabeth Vorhis, MD

CEU: Earn 1 Category-A CEU*

Description: In the session, Dr. Vorhis will share the many ways this emerging tool can be used to streamline your care for women with dense breast tissue. She will review scenarios that show how contrast mammography can supplement traditional mammographic screening, add value during diagnostic workup of complicated cases, and assist in preoperative planning for women following the diagnosis of breast cancer.

*CEU approved by ASRT and accepted by ARRT and CAMRT; Live Attendance Only

Special thanks to GE HealthCare for sponsoring this event. 

I found the webinar extremely thorough and informative. Great job. I love this site. 25 yrs doing this and always more to learn to be a better Mammography Tech. Thanks!!

Awesome presentation. The presenters were clear and easy to follow. The subject matter had the information that I needed. I'm looking forward to the next presentation!

Thank you for the informative and excellent webinar. Always good to have Q & A for our questions. Thank you Mammography Educators for your free webinars, resources and help to mammographers and mammography facilities everywhere. We appreciate you & thank you for all that you do and continue to do!

Love these webinars! I almost wish there was a semester full of classes! Learning never stops. Thank you!

I appreciate all of the presentations that are put together by Mammography Educators. The content is always relevant to our profession.

Mammography Educators is always coming in with the latest and greatest info!! Love all that you do for the community!

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