Jessica's mission as Project Manager at Mammography Educators is to inspire, educate and motivate individuals. Jess strongly believes that one should never stop learning or growing, both professionally and personally.

Women’s health, specifically breast health, is a deep-rooted passion of hers, as both her mom and grandmother battled and conquered breast cancer. “It is truly a gift to be able to work for a female-founded organization that’s sole purpose is to educate breast imaging specialists through high-quality, consistent methods that ultimately contribute to the early detection of breast cancer.” Jess’s background includes small business development, visual merchandising, producing television & radio commercials and implementing social media campaigns.

During her off hours, Jess enjoys spending quality time with her husband and fur babies, a Mini-Goldendoodle and two Balinese cats. She also enjoys yoga, pilates, going on bike rides, hiking, and traveling to new places.

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