Lundy Estime, BSRS, R.T. (R)(M)Lundy Estime, BSRS, R.T. (R)(M) currently works at the Diagnostic Center of America in Palm Beach, FL. She is pursuing her master’s degree in Health Administration. Lundy has worked as a Mammographer for over 15 years. Her responsibilities included training new personnel and working alongside fellow mammographers, which helps to improve their positioning skills and image quality. Lundy is passionate about teaching and personally participating in the progression and development of a mammographer’s skill and career.

Lundy dedicates herself as a lifelong learner, improving her skills and knowledge in some of today’s healthcare innovations. Within Breast Imaging, she participates in quality control, navigation, and patient follow-up care. As advancements in mammography continue to develop, Lundy has learned and mastered current technologies, including Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Contrast-Enhanced Mammography. She also assists Radiologists in stereotactic, ultrasound, and MRI-guided biopsy procedures.

Lundy lives in sunny South Florida with her wonderful husband and three children. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, meditating, and listening to inspirational music during her spare time.