I am traveling to Washington DC next week to make a presentation to the FDA/MQSA oversight committee. I will represent all my fellow mammography technologists in our effort to obtain the support we need to improve positioning and thus provide the best quality mammograms possible for women throughout the USA. My presentation will provide data that shows that technologists need access to training methods that are consistent, reproducible and ergonomically sound. Such training improves image quality by up to 50%.

If you live in the DC area, please come to lend your support! Meeting details are below. If I can travel from Hawaii to DC and back in 3 days to give a 5-minute presentation (yep, that’s my time limit) you can make it too! As the committee only meets every 1-2 year, this is urgent. Since the FDA report came out last April about poor positioning we need to make a stand on the importance of proper positioning training. I replied to the statement in an article published by the SBI newsletter but we obviously need to do more.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Louise Miller

Click here for Meeting Details

FDA Report

“A Technologist’s Perspective of the FDA Report ‘Poor Positioning Responsible for Most Clinical Image Deficiencies, Failures’” – SBI Newsletter

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