Being on a Powerful Team

I am pleased and blessed to say that we have a GREAT team here at PRHC’s Breast Assessment Centre. We have two mammography screening rooms, one diagnostic mammography room, two breast ultrasound rooms, a Breast Health Navigator, dedicated clerical staff and a rotating radiologist. We all work in collaboration with each other to make the patients’ experience as good as possible, by being caring, knowledgeable and efficient.

Break and lunchtime chats are not only good for a laugh, but they also help us to stay engaged with each other. Social events and group walks also go a long way to help keep the moral up! (Of course, COVID has put a damper on the social events ☹)

Dedicated Groups and Donors

We are also blessed in Peterborough to have a very active and dedicated Survivors Abreast Group that generously donates the proceeds of their fundraising efforts to the PRHC Foundation, toward the purchase of equipment used for breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Their big fundraiser is an annual Dragon Boat Festival. This is a great event and has been running for 20 years!!

Recently one of my patients at the end of her exam presented me with a gold medal that had “Frontline Hero” engraved on it. She expressed her appreciation and said that her and her husband had these made up to give to deserving workers! Others shed tears of gratitude, while giving you a hug. While others simply smile and say thank you for being good at your job. Whatever the case may be…

Making someone’s day better or at least more bearable is why we are here and that’s what makes it worth it! ☺ 


Jill Cummings MRT(R)

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