Written by: Robyn Hadley, A.S., R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT), Mammography Educators Consultant

I opened the door and met someone…

A young mother just beginning

A toddler holds her hand and travels in her footprint

Another child sprouts in her womb, while a thief inhabits her breast

One of the two is not welcome to stay

Please let me help banish the thief and endure the matriarch


I opened the door and met someone…

A traumatic event life changing

Skin so taunt and gnarled with wounds of a story

Her inner beauty radiates through the scars

Seeing with her eyes doesn’t come easy

Feeling with her soul is what she remembers

Please let my voice reach her soul and show her the beauty I see within


I opened the door and met someone…

She stands before me simple and plain

Quiet, somber, and unclean 

Confined to the four wheels she calls home

Her heart aches for connection to her progeny

Please let my words reflect the care to prove she matters


I opened the door and met someone…

An elderly woman, mired in thought

Through a smile and happy words

Once it’s begun, liquid jewels stream her cheek

A husband now an angel, had she really forgotten today was the day?

Forced into reality when fingers scribbled the date

Please let me add a drop of empathy in her lonely well


I opened the door and met someone…

Eccentric and peculiar with barely a voice

Worth and esteem stolen by abuse

Never granted the gift to read or write 

Grateful is her heart of meekness

Please let my heart reveal kindness abundantly


I opened the door and met someone…

Today I met her on a different avenue

She embraces the key to many memories

Good times and bucket lists yet to share

Now my face must hide the horror my eyes can see

But oh, how can it be?

Please let my open arms and full heart shed hope upon her trials to be




Each knock on the door presents you with an opportunity to be, to see, to hear, to give.  

Open the door and introduce yourself. . . who will you meet?


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