Mammography Educators consultant, Pam Fulmer, took her mammogram positioning expertise to the childhood hometown of Mark Twain earlier this month. Pam snapped these fun photos during her recent trip to Hannibal, Missouri where she helped to train the team at Hannibal Clinic and give their mammography positioning skills a tune up.

“The Hannibal Clinic techs are lucky because they have a nice, interactive relationship with their lead interpreting physician as well as the other radiologists that come to the clinic,” said Pam. “The have a very clear knowledge of mammography and what needs to be on the image. Still, we were able to improve the images by teaching them The Miller Method of standardized positioning.”

A resident of Missouri and past president of the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists, Pam enjoyed exploring the “Home of Mark Twain,” located on the Mississippi River, when she wasn’t working on positioning ergonomics. “When the day ended, the techs felt they had learned how to position working with the patient’s body habitus, rather than fighting it,” she said. “And I had time to explore this beautiful city!”


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