Operations & Workflow Analysis

Our consulting program brings a sharp professional focus to your imaging site.

Enhance Your Breast Imaging Operations

Our consulting experts perform thorough administrative analyses of breast imaging workflow and operations. Once they have a clear picture, they will make specific recommendations regarding a variety of areas including:

  • Staffing
  • Clinic schedules
  • Procedure preparation
  • Communication between members of the breast health team
  • Clinic operations

This powerful breast imaging workflow and operations consulting program can serve as the perfect must-have for any site in need of a ‘tune-up’. We are here to help you reach your workflow and organizational goals.

Technologist-Centered Program

Technologists are the foundation of any breast imaging facility. They spend more time with patients than anyone else. 

  • Do they have the streamlined systems and up-to-date tools to meet their goals for patient care? 
  • Do they spend enough time with patients or are they waiting for a workstation to open?

Our team evaluates your breast imaging site workflow from a technologist’s point of view as well as from the administrative lens.

Streamline Your Workflow

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