Breast Ultrasound Program

Establish greater consistency, reduce injuries and standardize protocols.

How can you improve your breast ultrasound program?

The need for quality breast ultrasound training is critical to the early diagnosis of breast cancer and smooth breast center operations.

Mammography Educators’ Breast Ultrasound consulting services offer quality training in the latest technology, including standardized scanning techniques, hands-on training, and ongoing support for your radiologists and sonographers. We specialize in both hand-held and automated/whole breast ultrasound techniques.

Our Breast Ultrasound Program Offers: 

  • Two days (or more) of on-site trainings for up to 8 sonographers
  • Lecture(s) and live positioning workshops with models, upon request.
  • Individual instruction for each sonographer with patients, evaluating scanning techniques and reviewing image quality.
  • Ergonomic assessment and recommendations.
  • Review and recommendations regarding ultrasound protocols with lead interpreting physician (LIP).

Could you use a Breast Ultrasound training at your facility?

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