Mammography Positioning Training

We provide updated, standardized, hands-on positioning training in a positive, supportive environment, as a refresher or to meet accreditation requirements.

You will see immediate improvements in your image quality. 

Could your mammographers use a positioning refresher?

  • We provide exceptional and engaging mammography positioning training for groups and individuals employing The Miller Method™ - the only technique analyzed and published (AJR, Dec 2017).
  • We begin with an anatomy lecture and positioning demonstration (3 CEUs).
  • We work with your technologists in your clinic with your patients, while creating a supportive, positive learning experience.
  • We review prior images and critique current images.
  • We provide immediate feedback for corrective action.
Are you or your team struggling to obtain consistent and quality images worthy of accreditation?

The Miller Method™ for mammography positioning is an established training method based on the understanding of patient and breast anatomy and the use of solid body ergonomics. Maintaining proper body ergonomics ensures longevity in the field, less injuries and thus increases overall well being of patients and technologists. Emphasis is placed on proficient mammography positioning methods, which requires less effort and results in fewer positioning errors. Louise C. Miller, who developed this method of teaching, has consulted for over 300 Breast Centers internationally and holds the position of one of the most prolific and accomplished mammography educators in the world. Learn About Ms. Miller.

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Positioning training with Mammography Educators has helped our technologists tremendously. Using The Miller Method™, they are including more tissue on their images and we have seen a reduced number of technical call backs. We use Volpara software and it has been so exciting to watch our scores improve. Last month, every technologist exceeded the global average for positioning for the first time! We even had 28 techs exceed the 90th percentile positioning score when compared to 16 techs the month prior to training. We are confident that we are now providing a better service to our patients. Thank you so much to the team at Mammography Educators!


QA Specialist, Kettering Health

Interested in a positioning workshop for you or your facility?

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