Mammography positioning training flyerPerhaps you could use a mammography positioning refresher?

Mammography Educators provides exceptional mammography positioning training for groups and individuals using The Miller Method – the only technique that has been analyzed and published (AJR, Dec 2017) that sets criteria for FFDM and DBT and establishes criteria for optimal image quality. To establish an appropriate basis for our on-site, hands-on positioning training, we provide an anatomy lecture and a mammography positioning demonstration as prerequisites (total of 3 CEUs).

Are you or your team struggling to obtain consistent and quality images worthy of ACR reaccreditation?

The Miller Method for mammography positioning is based on the understanding of patient and breast anatomy and the use of solid body ergonomics.  Maintaining proper body ergonomics ensures longevity in the field, less injuries and thus increases overall well being of patients and technologists. Emphasis is placed on proficient mammography positioning tips and tricks, which requires less effort and results in fewer errors. Louise C. Miller, who developed this method of teaching, has consulted for over 500 Breast Centers internationally and holds the position of one of the most prolific and accomplished mammography educators in the world.

If ACR has recommended that you or your facility must obtain 8 hours of mammography positioning training to reinstate your accreditation, please fill out the following form. If you know a breast imaging center who could use our help, share this flyer with them and spread the word. We can provide immediate positioning training that meets ACR requirements to get your imaging center back on track.

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