Breast Imaging Education

No more searching for CEUs. We’ve got you covered with online courses for every mammographer.

Online Courses: Initial Training

MIT "AMP" & DBT Initial

Training Bundle

Price: $2,760 $1,893

CEUs: 48

Graduate at the top of your class with the EXTRA benefits included in the MIT AMP & DBT Bundle!

Mammmography & DBT

Initial Training Bundle

Price: $1,560 $1,193

CEUs: 48

Bundle includes everything you need to become a skilled, highly-trained Mammography Technologist! 

Breast Ultrasound (Sonography) Initial Training

Price: $750 $695

CEUs: 20

Get certified in breast sonography from highly respected radiologists and mammography technologists!

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) Initial Training

Price: $310 $245

CEUs: 8

For those who have completed the MIT course, but need 8 hours of required DBT initial training.

Online Courses: CE Bundles

Beyond the Basics

CE Bundle

Price: $175 $150

CEUs: 7

7 Category-A CEUs for the price of 6!

  • Additional Mammographic Views
  • The Truth About Compression
  • DBT: A Better Mammogram
  • Male Breast Imaging
  • Patient Relations

Breast Imaging Essentials

CE Bundle

Price: $75 $60

CEUs: 3.5

Strive to achieve the highest level of care for all patients with...

  • Implementation of a Risk Assessment Program
  • Evaluation of Calcifications
  • DBT in Screening and Diagnosis

Breast Imaging Fundamentals CE Bundle

Price: $150 $125

CEUs: 6

  • Challenging Patients & Situations
  • Ergonomics
  • Getting It Right the First Time
  • Implants and More
  • Positioning Problem-Solving
  • Search for the Elusive ACR Image

Breast Ultrasound

CE Bundle

Price: $168 $140

CEUs: 6.75

This bundle provides an overview of key areas within breast sonography!

  • Breast Ultrasound 101
  • Breast Ultrasound Patient Care
  • Breast Ultrasound Image Review
  • Breast Ultrasound Tips & Tricks

Challenging Patients

CE Bundle

Price: $70 $64

CEU: 1

Ms. Miller addresses the complexities encountered in real-life scenarios in this comprehensive bundle.

  • Challenging Patient E-book
  • Challenging Patients and Situations Online Course

Mammography Positioning Videos CE Bundle

Price: $190 $165

CEUs: 3.5

Take your positioning skills to the next level!

  • The Importance of Standardized Positioning
  • Mammography Positioning Demonstration Videos

Online Courses: Mammography Positioning

Additional Mammographic Views

Price: $38

CEUs: 1.5

We use additional views for many reasons, but primarily for "problem-solving". Learn the WHY and WHEN...

Getting It Right the First Time: Reducing Repeats

Price: $25

CEU: 1

A review of mammography cases in which you will be shown how to correct common positioning...

Implants & More: Updated Imaging Techniques

Price: $25

CEU: 1

We all have unique patients and are looking for the most effective ways to perform their mammogram.

Mammography Positioning Demonstrations VIDEOS

Price: $100

CEU: 2

Did someone say positioning videos?! Ms. Louise Miller, RTRM provides clear instructions with a series of videos.

Online Mammography Positioning Training

Price: $250

CEUs: 7.5

Receive advanced training for new and experienced mammographers with the focus on standardized...

Positioning Problem-Solving and Body Mechanics

Price: $25

CEU: 1

Learn how to use special features of mammography units to obtain the highest quality images...

The Crushing Truth About Compression

Price: $25

CEU: 1

Mammography compression can be  a tense and touchy (literally) subject! Is there a magic number? 

Online Courses: Patient Relations

Challenging Patients & Situations in Mammography

Price: $25

CEU: 1

While there is no "magic bullet", this course will share new techniques for imaging this special patient...

Ergonomics for Mammographers

Price: $25

CEU: 1

The prevalence of breast imager related pain and injury is no joke. Learn best practices to ensure...


Tips and Tricks

Price: $25

CEU: 1

Get your mammography "groove" back with Director of Eduction,

Ms. Louise Miller, RTRM!

Maximizing Breast Center Efficiency

Price: $48

CEUs: 2

Every aspect crucial to optimizing team dynamics will be explored in depth, from establishing seamless...

Patient Relations and Communication

Price: $48

CEUs: 2

Learn to identify and address patient anxiety using communication, comfort and compassion.

Strategies for Improving Operational Efficiency

Price: $25

CEU: 1

Learn how to establish consistent workflow and improve radiologist-technologist communications...

The Diagnostic Workup: The Agony and the Ecstacy

Price: $25

CEU: 1

Embark on an informative journey that addresses the common challenges and rewards of the...

Online Courses: Genetics and Risk Management

Breast Cancer 101: Everything You Need to Know

Price: $32

CEUs: 1.25

Deepen your foundational breast cancer knowledge & learn how breast cancer affects different populations.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Bundle

Price: $195 $145

CEUs: 5.25

Become equipped with new knowledge that will immediately and positively impact patient care.

Male Breast Imaging with Radiologic-Pathologic

Price: $25

CEU: 1

While only 1% of breast cancers are found in men, they may require a diagnostic mammogram, and more.

Online Courses: Inspection and Preparation

DBT: A Better Mammogram

Price: $25

CEU: 1

The inventor of DBT talks about his perspective on the development and application of DBT as one of the...

MQSA: Final Rule Updates

Price: $75

CEUs: 3

This is your complete overview of the roles and responsibilities in the accreditation and compliance...

Quality Control Updates: Meeting MQSA Standards

Price: $65

CEUs: 3

Explore the pivotal significance of quality control within the breast imaging department in this...

The Search for the Elusive

ACR Image

Price: $25

CEU: 1

Learn how to provide others with data regarding realistic positioning goals, explain the importance of...

Online Courses: Additional Breast Imaging Modalities

Breast MRI: The Basics

to Biopsies

Price:  $48

CEUs: 2

As MRI is often used as an adjunct to mammography, it is increasingly important for techs to understand...

Breast Ultrasound 101

Price:  $32

CEUs: 1.25

Learn scanning techniques, imaging protocols, and useful tips & tricks to  utilize in your breast center.

Contrast Enhanced Mammography

Price:  $75

CEUs: 3

This 3-part lecture series offers basic and advanced principles of CEM, including the advantages...

The Key Essentials to Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Price:  $98

CEUs: 4

Essential knowledge and information to understand and assist with the performance of this procedure.

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