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Mammography Positioning Impact

I did not think that most of my techs could get any better, but I have seen more depth and less folds from all of the techs! Some of the less experienced techs have had a marked improvement. They are still talking about how great you were. Thanks for engaging them. I really liked your talk and hope that writing a book is on your agenda!

Jennifer Harvey MD, FACR

Breast Imaging Manager

I am happy to report that we have seen a dramatic drop in technical repeats since Mammography Educators was here to do the training. There were so many “new tricks” that our Mammographers learned and the learning has stuck well. We have reached our goals in both the Q1 2020 and Q2 2020 with technical repeat rate below 2%.

Loree McGill, RN, MSN

Kaiser Permanente Washington

Louise Miller is one of the real gems of the breast imaging world. She is a great teacher, innovator, imager, author, and passionate advocate for women and women’s imaging. Louise & the Mammography Educators team have been generous enough to share their talents with all of us in so many ways over the years. There is no one better at positioning. Louise and her team have truly elevated the level of mammography throughout this country, and indeed, much of the world.

Michael N. Linver


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