Why Mammography Educators?

Our team is Qualified, Peer-Reviewed and our training techniques have been proven to Improve Image Quality.

What Makes Us Unique

Hear from co-founder Ms. Louise Miller on why we are the leaders in breast imaging education and training for technologists.

Breast Cancer Patient Advocacy

Learn more about our Breast Imaging Consultants and our Leadership Team.

Our Vision

To inspire breast imaging specialists to raise their standards of excellence and ultimately contribute to the early detection of breast cancer.

Our Mission

To develop high-quality, consistent methods for breast imaging through unique and engaging mammography education services and products.


To bring you the best in the field with our carefully curated Leadership Team and Breast Imaging Consultants located around the United States. 

Our Background

Louise Miller and Amy Chatten founded Mammography Educators in 2013. Prior to this date, Louise Miller led the highly successfully Quality, Care and Commitment (QCC) Mammography Seminars. This educational platform provided didactic and hands-on training for over 50,000 radiologic technologists in the United States and Canada. Ms. Miller has also consulted at over 300 Breast Centers worldwide.

Mammography Educators focuses on establishing high-quality, consistent methods of breast imaging. We provide three essential types of services: mammography consulting, conferences, and in-person and online initial training. In addition to our services, we also develop educational products to support our mission and vision.

Mammography Educators commits to providing an exemplary experience for every technologist, administrator and radiologist with whom we work.

Our Methods

The Miller Method™ for mammography positioning prepares the technologist to understand “the why” and “the how” of patient positioning for high quality mammograms. When technologists use the principles of positioning for general x-ray, which are based on the understanding of correlational anatomy, they are better able to identify areas for improvement in their images.

The Miller Method™ includes an hour and a half lecture on correlational anatomy and the “Breast MAP.” After laying these foundations, technologists participate in a positioning demonstration and workshop with a model as well as one-on-one hands-on positioning practice in the clinic setting. From its inception, Mammography Educators uses a data-proven technique based on the principles of consistency, reproducibility, efficiency, proficiency, and the proper use of body ergonomics.


What Our Clients Are Saying

The entire experience with the Mammography Educators have been a pleasant one from the start. Katie Seaton was very professional and on top of every question you could throw at her. She set everything up with ease and made all arrangements in a professionally and timely manner. Pam Fulmer’s expertise and professionalism will help our technologist to enhance and provide the best quality care for our patients and with the Miller Method being applied will help provide another tool for greater quality imaging. I would highly recommend Pam. She was very professional, knowledgeable with a down to earth sweet personality. Pam made the techs feel at ease. You can also tell that Pam loves what she does and cares truly for her profession. Thanks so much.

Loree McGill, RN, MSN

Kaiser Permanente Washington

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