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As the industry leader in Mammography Positioning, we offer services designed for facilities of every size in our mission of imaging excellence.

Mammography Positioning Matters Because...

Why Us?

Mammography Educators is the industry leader in mammography positioning and quality breast imaging.

  • Our educational platform has provided didactic and hands-on training for over 50,000 radiologic technologists and we’ve trained at over 300 Breast Centers. 
  • Our trainers have been personally trained and mentored by Louise C. Miller, RTRM in The Miller Method™. Techniques are consistent, efficient and ergonomically sound. 
  • Our Positioning Technique is the only technique that has been analyzed and published (AJR, Dec 2017) that sets criteria for FFDM and DBT and establishes criteria for optimal image quality.
  • Radiologist’s report seeing an immediate improvement in image quality and the diagnosis of cancers not seen on previous images. 

You can be sure you’re getting the best-in-class training and education with Mammography Educators. 

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Mammography Positioning Impact

I did not think that most of my techs could get any better, but I have seen more depth and less folds from all of the techs! Some of the less experienced techs have had a marked improvement. They are still talking about how great you were. Thanks for engaging them. I really liked your talk and hope that writing a book is on your agenda!

Jennifer Harvey MD, FACR

Breast Imaging Manager

I am happy to report that we have seen a dramatic drop in technical repeats since Mammography Educators was here to do the training. There were so many “new tricks” that our Mammographers learned and the learning has stuck well. We have reached our goals in both the Q1 2020 and Q2 2020 with technical repeat rate below 2%.

Loree McGill, RN, MSN

Kaiser Permanente Washington

Louise Miller is one of the real gems of the breast imaging world. She is a great teacher, innovator, imager, author, and passionate advocate for women and women’s imaging. Louise & the Mammography Educators team have been generous enough to share their talents with all of us in so many ways over the years. Thank you!

Michael N. Linver


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Mammography Positioning Matters

So much so, we are consistently expanding our library of content, services, and resources to improve imaging quality, worldwide.

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How can I get hands-on positioning training?

We provide on-site, hands-on mammography positioning training in your clinic, with your equipment in your schedule. We find this is the most effective way to immediately improve image quality and address any ergonomic issues. Our technique, The Miller Method™ is data-proven to improve image quality. Be proactive. Focus on quality. 

Can you help our mammo techs with a positioning refresher?

Absolutely. Our most effective training is on-site, hands-on with your patients in your normal clinic schedule. We can come to you and train up to four technologists per day, including CEUs. Give us a call to learn more at 619-663-8269.

Can you help us with 8 hours of mammography positioning training recommended by the ACR?

Absolutely. We have MQSA-qualified Trainers ready to assist you with your accreditation recommended or required training on a last-minute notice. We are very familiar with the requirements and can make the process seamless for you and your team. Call us at 619-663-8269 for immediate assistance.

Do you offer any live continuing education opportunities?

Yes! We offer both live and remote continuing education. We host in-person conferences and quarterly live webinars with time for live Q&A.

Want us to come on-site to you? We absolutely provide on-site, hands-on positioning training for technologists. Talk to your administrator and call us at 619-663-8269. We can customize a training plan for your breast center.

Are your online courses accredited?

Absolutely! All of our courses are fully accredited and offer CEUs.

Our breast imagers are going out on disability leave frequently. What can you do to help us?

Ergonomic positioning in breast imaging is essential to avoid work-place injuries. Our positioning techniques are standardized and ergonomically sound. We have worked with physical therapists and other experts in the field to ensure your mammographers take quality images and protect their own bodies in the process. Reach out if you would like to discuss your situation and develop a customized solution. Give us a call to learn more at 619-663-8269.
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