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I am so proud to say that I have finally seen more depth, more IMF, more medial and posterior tissue in both CC and MLO views after a short training by the wonderful mammography educator, Louise C. Miller. Although our Breast Care Center is comprised of 6 mammographers with huge diversity in learning background and

wide-ranging experience (6 months - 18 years), implementing

The Miller Method™ has dramatically and uniformly improved all of them.

I cannot thank you enough, Louise for engaging them all, embracing all differences,

and creating such a motivated team with excellent imaging quality standards.

I strongly recommend you to any facility that cares about imaging quality.

Taghreed alshafeiy, md

Breast Imaging Radiologist, Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Center, Muscat, Oman

Positioning training with Mammography Educators has helped our technologists tremendously. Using The Miller Method™, they are including more tissue on their images and we have seen a reduced number of technical call backs. We use Volpara software and it has been so exciting to watch our scores improve. Last month, every technologist exceeded the global average for positioning for the first time! We even had 28 techs exceed the 90th percentile positioning score when compared to 16 techs the month prior to training. We are confident that we are now providing a better service to our patients. Thank you so much to the team at Mammography Educators!

Roxanne Baer, RT (R)(M)(BD)

QA Specialist, Kettering Health

Sarah Jacobs was AWESOME! My team gained so much knowledge and confidence from the hands-on positioning training. It was priceless to our program!

Colleen soukas, ms, r.t.(R)(M)(BS), cn-bi

Supervisor, Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health

PennMedicine Lancaster General Health

Mammography Educators offers dynamic and exciting continuing education seminars that my staff of 15 technologists need each year, as well as promoting optimization in image quality improvement with the development of standardized positioning guidelines.


Breast Imaging Manager

I did not think that most of my techs could get any better, but I have seen more depth and less folds from all of the techs! Some of the less experienced techs have had a marked improvement. They are still talking about how great you were. Thanks for engaging them. I really liked your talk and hope that writing a book is on your agenda!

Jennifer Harvey, MD

Head of Division of Breast Imaging
Professor of Radiology
University of Virginia Medical Center

Louise Miller, RTRM, has been a respected colleague of mine for over 25 years. We first met as volunteers for the American Cancer Society (ACS), California Division and taught hundreds of breast health volunteers after the first ACS guidelines were introduced in the early 1980's. Since then, Louise has volunteered her time to teach mammography quality, positioning and patient relations in over 10 countries to countless, eager technologists.

Louise Miller exemplifies the best as a professional radiology technologist specializing in breast imaging. She iS a seasoned care provider, manager, consultant and gifted educator. Her training seminars have empowered and impassioned thousands of mammography technologists, mostly women, around the world. Their unifying goal to detect early breast cancer. I wholeheartedly recommend Louise, who possesses not only the highest professional standards but also personal traits such as integrity, humor, creativity and endless energy in her quest to save lives from this dreaded disease.

Cathy Coleman, DNP, RN, MSN

Adjunct Professor
University of San Francisco School of

Nursing and Health Professionals
San Francisco, California

Last Saturday, I met Louise Miller for the first time during a symposium in Chicago. She came on stage and right away you could tell she was knowledgeable, approachable and funny. She has such a quick wit that everyone in the audience could relate to her immediately. I have never sat through an all day lecture and came away feeling so motivated and educated about breast anatomy, positioning, and breast imaging for the future. I love her vision for breast imaging. Anyone can relate to Louise. She is so down to earth and inviting. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a teacher trainee with Louise. She was informative, patient and kind. Learning a new technique takes time, patience and practice. Louise was willing to give all three. I have been a mammographer for over 8 years and never felt I quite understood the anatomy or positioning of the breast for optimal diagnostic breast images. Now, after working with Louise, I feel I am giving the best patient care and optimal diagnostic images to the radiologists. At my site in Glenview, Illinois I get patients that come year after year. That made it easy for me to compare my diagnostic images from last year to my new pictures with Louise's positioning. What a difference! I was shocked how much more breast tissue I was able to obtain. Anyone lucky enough to be trained by Louise and is able to learn her positioning, will no doubt become a better mammographer. I feel blessed and honored to have trained with her and can't wait to see what she has in mind for the future.

Kim Flood, R.T.(R)(M)

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital
Train-the-Trainer Program
Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force

I am very excited about Mammography Educators as a company. I am a manager to a mid-size breast imaging center that serves about 18,000 patients in Illinois. Mammography Educators offers the dynamic and exciting continuing education seminars that my staff of 15 technologists need each year as well as promoting optimization in image quality improvement with the development of standardized positioning guidelines that we all need as women. No other company has developed the tools to teach standardized positioning techniques for Mammography and you have Louise Miller to teach these techniques in an interactive, fun, and positive environment. I have followed her instructional seminars for the past 15-20 years now and can honestly say, I have retained more information from her teaching style than other seminar I have attended personally over my 30 year Mammography career. I look forward to watching this company optimize Mammography standards as we move into the impending health reform changes of the current day. Louise has complemented her instructional lectures with a positioning guidebook that has become a department resource to help raise the standards in my own department. This is an great asset to the department.

Tammie Taeger-Turco BA (R.) (T.) (M.)

Breast Imaging Manager
Alexian Brothers Medical Center

Although breast cancer is widely publicized, many women do not take the disease as seriously as Louise Miller. She is an exceptional and proven leader that has been able to grow and develop skills that work. She is an excellent mentor, as well as a teacher and a friend. She is extremely competent and her dedications to Mammography, along with her communication skills have allowed her to be recognized. She strives for excellence in Mammography and in areas such as anatomy and physiology of the breast tissue. I have found the greatest teachings from Louise are those in positioning and mapping of the breast tissue. Louise knows the importance of imaging the entire breast so that any areas of concern are not missed. Louise reminds me of Sir Philip Sidney who once said, " Either | find a way, or I will make one."

Mammography and continuous follow-ups, help women in need of breast health care so quality services are identified as a must. I am honored and lucky to have been taught by Louise and I know she finds fulfillment in teaching, not only where she is needed, but where she recognizes the need for her services. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. Always willing to listen, hear, and serve for the betterment of all.

Noraida Burgos BA. RT.R(M)

Train-the-trainer Program
Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force

I have worked with Louise Miller for over 5 years and it has been an 5 it amazing journey to have her come and do teaching and seminars with my staff. We find it invaluable as she brings enormous amounts of information on workflow issues, positioning techniques, applications recommendations, future technology and patient satisfaction tips. Louise has offered to come to our hospital annually to hold an all day
conference for all mammography technicians in the State to participate and many of them plan their vacations around this event to be able to attend. We appreciate Louse for her commitment to planning and promoting our conference and we look forward to it every year!

Rochelle Lee

Women's Health Center Manager
The Queen's Medical Center

It is my pleasure to validate the teaching style and content of Ms Miller's innovative approach to mammography positioning. Her methods are proof that improved and enhanced positioning skills lead to increased satisfaction for both the technologist/ radiologist interests, and especially the patient's benefit. She has a talent for delivering this new approach in a very understandable. The skill can be implemented with your very next patient. No book or tutorial can deliver the expertise like Ms. Miller's guidance and direction. It is time well spent that reaps rewards for your entire career.

Nancy M. Allison RTR(M)

Avocate Health Care System
30 year+ Mammographer

I have been attending the annual QCC workshop (now Mammography Educators) in Ontario, Canada with Louise Miller for more than 15 years. Each year her passion not only for early detection but for the mammographer's role in achieving a good mammogram, resounds through the whole course. The humour and personal experience as a mammographer she uses to teach with, keeps her audience attentive and informed. Her tirelessness for getting her message out is an inspiration to all.

Tammy Delaney

All of the girls that have attended Louise Miller's class have come out of it with a fresh dedication to doing excellent mammography. She is able to motivate these mammo techs to make sure they think about the entire process of the mammogram from looking at the patient holistically, to finishing the complete mammography imaging chain. The rigors of mammography are so intense that having a master like LLouise show us where the rocks are will result in the best outcome. So pick up this book (Positioning Guidebook) so your techs can be magically awakened to perform excellent mammography. I wouldn't have such a successful business if it weren't for Louise.


Inner Images, Inc

Although our Breast Care Center is comprised of veteran mammographers, all with at least fifteen years of experience, the tips and tricks that Pam was able to teach us were very beneficial. We always strive to provide the best possible care for our patients and this training has given us another tool to help us achieve our goals. would highly recommend the training and the trainer to other facilities. The trainer, Pam Fulmer, was absolutely outstanding! She made everyone feel at ease and you can tell she truly loves her job. It is always helpful to gain a new perspective on positioning. This training course exceeded our expectations and we cannot say enough good things about it.

Doretha Pridemore RN, BSN

Breast Care Center King's Daughters' Medical Center
Clinical Supervisor

I was lucky enough to be in the first mammography class in 1991 in San Diego and have Louise Miller as my teacher. She was, and is, amazing, and she gave me so much  wonderful information and had great techniques for getting the best images possible. I am not surprised that she has gone so far in this field, and I can only imagine how many other lives, like mine, where she has made such a huge impact. She a gave us
the tools to better serve our patients. I am a full-time mammography tech, and I've been doing this for 27 years now, so | greatly appreciate having a teacher that is so passionate about advancing our field. Also, I always get good reviews from our radiologists on my images. Thank you, Louise!

Linda John

The Techs have said great things about Deb Hamel and the training she provided. On my end, you a were a great pleasure to work with. You made a very stressful situation very easy and I have no doubt that we will be successful with the training we were provided. I am probably going to be looking to do a refresher course yearly as I can see renewed vigor in the Techs and it's nice to see them confident again as I am sure they were unsure of their skills as this was our first ACR write up.

Andrew Krivitsky

Huggins Hospital

We all really enjoyed the Breast Imaging Bootcamp and the techs are very excited to start with the new processes. Dawn Derenburger was great and very easy to listen to. Everyone enjoyed her lectures and hands-on demonstration. Even though most of our technologists have over 10-15 years, experience, everyone walked away learning new techniques that they'll be able to utilize.

Christy Smallwood BS RT ARRT (R)(M)(CT)

Manager of Diagnostic Imaging
Moffitt Cancer Center

The entire experience with the Mammography Educators have been a pleasant one from the start. Katie Seaton was very professional and on top of every question you could throw at her. She set everything up with ease and made all arrangements in a professionally and timely manner. Pam Fulmer's expertise and professionalism will help our technologist to enhance and provide the best quality care for our patients and with The Miller Method™ being applied will help provide another tool for greater quality imaging. I would highly recommend Pam. She was very professional, knowledgeable with a down to earth sweet personality. Pam made the techs feel at ease. You can also tell that Pam loves what she does and cares truly for her profession. Thanks so much.

Lisa Mann, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT)

St. Joseph Candler Imaging Center

We have truly benefitted from the position training. When compared to last years' mammos, the difference is amazing. I feel that our staff and l are better equipped to service our patients and pass the ACR with flying colors. Thank you!

Laura Y. Moore


Our most sincere appreciation and gratitude to Louise Miller and Sarah Jacobs for an amazing Breast Imaging Bootcamp. I am confident the technologists will take the tools and skills learned and apply them as they continue to take their craft to the next level. How refreshing it is to have fellowship with others who are just as committed as we are to performing the best quality of work at all times. It is my hope they [Louise and Sarah] enjoyed their time in Birmingham, Alabama as much as we have enjoyed them.

Kernesha Weatherly, R.T. (CT),

CNMT Imaging Manager
University of Alabama Medical Center

I am so ecstatic that your trainers came, Louise Miller, Sarah Jacobs and Lundy Estime were all excellent. I have been to many positioning classes, but this one was so detailed! The reviews from the employees have been wonderful and we want to do this yearly if possible.

Donna Murphy

Clinical Breast Manager:

Doris Shaheen Center in Atlanta, GA

We are celebrating the difference in positioning, it is still being embraced 10 months after our positioning training! There has been positive feedback from patients, radiologists and surgeons. We had a surgeon, on the day of a surgery, notice something different on our wire loc films that was not on the patient's films from a different  facility due to the high image quality... and that changed the course of treatment that day! Thank you Mammography Educators!

Margaret Ann Fraley

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Working with Mammography Educators has been a wonderful and seamless.

Everyone is knowledgeable and professional. I cannot say enough about Mammography Educators!

Linda Andriano

Chief Mammography Technologist
LS Women's Imaging & Bone Densitometry

I am happy to report that we have seen a dramatic drop in technical repeats since Mammography Educators was here to do the training. There were so many "new tricks" that our Mammographers learned and the learning has stuck well. We have reached our goals in both the Q1 2020 and Q2 2020 with technical repeat rate below 2%.mc

Loree McGill, RN, MSN

Kaiser Permanente Washington

We would like to thank Dawn Derenburger from Mammography Educators for coming to help us in Grand Rapids, Michigan! I feel a definite difference in my ergonomics and body by the end of the day. Less pain and aches for me and better positioning! It is a win-win!

Karen Verhey, RTRM

Mercy Health St. Mary's Trinity Health

We just received our final report from the ACR and we passed our accreditation in Mammography with no issues. We would not have passed without the help of Robyn Hadley. I really appreciate everything Mammography Educators did for us!

Brett Bruce, JD, MSRS

Gunnison Valley Health
Director of Imaging, Cardiopulmonary, Respiratory Therapy & Polysomnopgraphy

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