Breast Imaging Consultant, Robyn Hadley, A.S., R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT) recently ventured to Dillingham, Alaska to conduct a Mammography Positioning Refresher Training at Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, an Indian Health Services (IHS) facility that serves over 20-30 villages in the area, with many of the villages having to commute by small plane, as there are no roads in or out of the area.

Over the past 100 years, the people of Bristol Bay have not only endured and survived life in a harsh climate and rugged terrain, they also suffered greatly from epidemics such as the Influenza Epidemic which reached Bristol Bay in 1919 and caused the death of thousands of people in western Alaska. Today, rather than TB and influenza epidemics, they struggle with diseases of a modern society that include chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Since Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation started the Mammography Program back in 1993, they have diagnosed more than fifty breast cancers, which have allowed those patients to make informed choices regarding their treatment. Early detection saves lives! (Source)

"Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation is right on the bay/waterfront, so the day after our training, lead technologist, Christy let me join her on a walk on the beach with her dogs. While on the walk, I met a friendly little fisherman and learned that Bristol Bay is the largest red salmon producer. It was just my luck that I came to visit during peak salmon fishing season and was fortunate enough to be sent home with fresh salmon! Overall, everyone I encountered while in Alaska were so nice and welcoming! I'm looking forward to another opportunity to work with this mammography team who are motivated and dedicated to continuous learning."


I really enjoyed this lecture, and received really good insight on how to better position and understand what is needed for good quality images.


Great training! This is the second time I have taken the mammography positioning training and I always am reminded of items I forgot. Our educator, Robyn, was amazing! She answered all our questions and provided awesome hands-on training. Robyn was professional and made our team and patients feel at ease. I will have Mammography Educators come again for the benefit of our patients and staff.

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