DESCRIPTION: Dr. Michael Linver will review the basic techniques of stereotactic biopsy of the breast, beginning with pre-biopsy care of the patient and the equipment involved, and concluding with the required post-biopsy procedures. Special attention will be given to the important steps required of both the technologist and the radiologist to assure successful sampling of the targeted breast lesion, with a minimum of discomfort to the patient.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

CEU: Earn 1 Category A CEU* with live attendance (Pending ASRT Approval)

Special thanks to GE HealthCare for sponsoring this event. 

I have attended the Tabar lecture and took the hands on positioning with Louise Miller in the past. This was my first time joining a Zoom meeting. I really enjoyed it and look forward to joining you in the future.

Thanks for the wonderful lectures. Really informative with our day to day duties and expanding our knowledge.

The amount of the information delivered by the presenter was huge. All the important and valuable points. Thank you so much to Mammography Educators to deliver high quality content to the technologists. When it is delivered the best, it is learned the best!

It’s so wonderful to have the chance to earn CEU’s from experts in the field and especially for free. It really helps the budget.

Thank you for covering this material and for providing free education, especially specific to mammography as CEU's can be difficult to find.

The presenter covered the topics thoroughly and she spoke extremely well. I also liked they left time for Q and A at the end. 

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