Jacqueline Trotter is a mission-driven individual who thrives in roles that allow her to provide direct support to clients. Having graduated with a degree in Business and Non-profit Management, she brings over a decade of experience working to make a difference to the clients she has served through managing client needs, developing programs and providing operational support.

Jacqueline currently serves as the Customer Success Manager at Mammography Educators, where she is responsible for the implementation and success of customers and special projects. As the granddaughter of a breast cancer survivor, she knows the importance of proper screening methods. 

“The thorough training that Mammography Educators can provide ensures that more women are appropriately screened and can start receiving treatment earlier. Without early detection, my grandmother’s chance of survival could have been significantly less. Working with Mammography Educators allows me to make a difference in the standard of imaging for women worldwide.” 

Jacqueline was born in Texas, where she continues to live, enjoying the sunshine and opportunities for adventures with her family. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring new towns and building memories with her husband and son. She’s also a foodie, enjoys weightlifting and dancing and never turns down a board game night with her friends.

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