Mammography Image Review

Organize an educational and energizing event with your entire breast imaging team!

What's included in an Image Review Session?

  • Using your own images in this interactive, live session, Mammography Educators will identify areas of excellence, as well as suggestions for making specific improvements
  • One of our Breast Imaging Consultants will provide methods to evaluate clinical images using ACR criteria
  • Improvements can easily be resolved and avoided by establishing positioning techniques that are standardized, efficient, proficient and ergonomically sound
  • Having technologists and radiologists attend this session is beneficial to establish and understand reasonable expectations from both perspectives
  • Recording of each session is provided upon request
  • 1 Category-A CEU for technologists attending the session


Amazing!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor with us. The hour with Louise Miller brought renewed joy to keep working hard and inspiration to try new things & setting goals each day.

Jolene Bartlett, R.T.(R)(M)

Mammography Quality Control

Thank you for the time you took to put this together. It was nice having a live opportunity to speak and ask questions regarding positioning. Thank you for the tips and tricks. It will be interesting to see how it impacts my daily work!

Amy Bradley, R.T.(R)(M)

Mammography Technologist

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