Education and Licensing requirements to become a Mammography Technologist

How do I sign-up for your Mammography Initial Training (MIT) 40-Hour Program, how much is it, and what is included?

The In-Person Mammography Initial Training program is $900 for Early Registration (if paid in full at least 14 days prior to the course) and $975 for General Registration (if paid in full at least 14 days prior to the course). We encourage you to sign up early! Included is 40 hours of didactic coursework in Mammography, including 8 hours in digital mammography.

The Online Mammography Initial Training program is $895.

What are the dates for your In-Person Mammography Initial Training program, how long does it take to complete, and where is it located?

Due to COVID-19, our in-person 40 Hour Mammography Initial Training course is postponed at this time.

We generally run this course at least 2 times per calendar year, depending on interest in the Spring and Fall. The latest dates are posted on our In-Person MIT program page. The program is usually 4 full days in duration and is held on two consecutive weekends in the San Diego area.

What are the dates for your Online Mammography Initial Training program?

Our Online Mammography Initial Training program runs year-round as it is on-demand and can be started and completed on your own schedule.

How do I become a Mammography Technologist in the state of California?

First, you must be a graduate of an accredited educational program in Radiologic Technology. Next, you must attain a California Diagnostic Radiologic Technology Certificate. Once you are a California Certified Radiologic Technologist, CRT, and have obtained the 40-hours of Mammography Initial Training, you are then eligible to complete the exam for advanced Certification in Mammography in the state of California, CRT(M), (this is also sometimes referred to as the California Mammography Certificate). Finally, you must perform 25 supervised mammograms under direct supervision of a qualified mammographer under MQSA regulations.

Later on in your career, you may then choose to become a registered technologist, R.T., through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) with a certification in Mammography, (M).

The facility I work at only has digital equipment, so why do I need to know about analog mammography?

Currently, both analog and digital equipment and processes are still on the ARRT advanced level certification exam. Understanding both analog and digital will further prepare you in being successful during your exam.

After I have received by mammography certification, what needs to be done to keep it “active”?

After you have legally become qualified to perform mammography under MQSA regulation, every 3 years you will need to obtain 15 CE credits and perform a minimum of 200 mammograms every 2 years.

After completing the training course, is there a maximum time limit to take the mammography exam after completion?

We recommend that you take the exam within a timely manner so the information is fresh in your mind. However, technically speaking, the MQSA has no limitation on time as long as the requirement was met. However, we encourage you to check with your individual state and ARRT regarding specific requirements for licensing in your practicing state and/or receiving their advanced certification in mammography. CLICK HERE for requirements for California State Certification in Mammographic Radiologic Technology.

After passing the mammography exam, is there a maximum time limit to complete the supervised 25 mammograms?

According to ARRT: Candidates for ARRT post-primary certification and registration must — within the 24 months before submitting their applications — complete and document specific procedures as outlined in the clinical experience requirements.

I have now completed the 40-hour course either online or in-person. What are my next steps?

Please review the Next Steps Following Completion of the Mammography Initial Training 40-Hour Course.

Are the 25 mammograms under supervision separate from your Mammography Initial Training 40-hour program?

Yes. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer assistance with this.