Mobile Mammography Consulting

Take your breast imaging services mobile!

Are you considering starting a Mobile Mammography Program?

We can help you out! We will ensure that all regulations are met so you are up and running with a quality mobile mammography program. Our incredible trainers will assist you in:

  • Initial accreditation
  • Registration of your mammo unit
  • Evaluating your PACS integration plan
  • Providing references and a list of all documentation needed to meet regulatory standards
  • Developing a Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Providing logs and forms
  • Building an MQSA Manual
  • Requirements for your QC Manual
  • Evaluating a plan for patient tracking & reporting
  • Assisting in tech recruitment

The ACR and SBI recommend women get their yearly mammogram at age 40. Your imaging center will be at the forefront of breast cancer screening guidelines by bringing 3D mammograms to women.

Take your business mobile today.

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