We are now offering online, on-demand webinar courses!

Check out our list of accredited courses below to register at any time. We will be adding more regularly so check back at this site for new webinars.

Ergonomics: Avoiding and Improving Technologist Pain and Injury (50 mins) – 1 ASRT Approved CEU

The prevalence of breast imager related pain and injury is no joke. You not only to have to deal with discomfort, but also the inconvenience of treatment. We’ll have a frank conversation about the causes and solutions. It’s ergonomics and more!

Getting it Right the First Time: Reducing Repeats and Rejects (50 mins) – 1 ASRT Approved CEU

A review of mammography cases in which you will be shown exactly how to correct common positioning problems before they happen! Guaranteed to help improve image quality and avoid repeats, rejects and technical call backs.

Implants and More – Updated Imaging Techniques for the Surgically Altered Breast (50 mins) – 1 ASRT Approved CEU

For working with patients who, at times, create special challenges and require our determination to produce the best images possible.  This lecture will help you learn new techniques for imaging this special patient population and set realistic goals for best quality images.


What Now? Strategies for Maintaining Image Quality & Patient Care in the Midst of Chaos (50 mins) – 1 ASRT Approved CEU

Mammography technologists are asked to “step up” to a different level of care and commitment.  Learn strategies for planning your time wisely now and for when our patients return. Be prepared for the new challenges that the breast imaging team will face.

Search for the Elusive ACR (50 mins) – 1 ASRT Approved CEU

Louise Miller gives much needed tips and tricks. This course will help you to provide others with data regarding realistic positioning goals and stresses the importance of consistency and reproducibility, compare positioning standards for mammography vs positioning standards for general medical imaging and discuss methods for imaging problem solving.




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