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Mammography Positioning Guidebook, Second Edition


The Mammography Positioning Guidebook provides a clear overview of standard mammography positioning techniques overseen by our very own, world-renowned mammographer, Louise Miller. Likewise, the guidebook includes correlational anatomy and how to assess clinical images effectively. This work creates consistent mammography tips and tricks as well as techniques that are more ergonomically sound, efficient and proficient.

As a whole, our groundbreaking mammography positioning guidebook contains over 50 graphics, illustrations, photographs and reproduced radiographs.  Alongside these, our consultants detail quick instructions for positioning mammography screenings and additional views. No similar publication currently exists on the market.

  • To purchase a digital copy of this book, click HERE.
  • We also offer a Spanish digital copy of this book, click HERE.

Once you have read this publication, transform your newly learned skills into Continuing Education Units. Earn 2.5 CEUs by purchasing and taking our accredited publication online exam: Post-Test: Mammography Positioning Guidebook 

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