Belinda Zaparinuk




Belinda has almost 40 years of Breast Imaging experience. She received her education at Labette Community College Radiology Program in Parsons Kansas and her training at Mt. Carmel Medical Center and St. Francis Hospital in Kansas, before heading out west to California. She is a board member of NCoBC and has presented at national conferences in the United States, China, Nicaragua, Italy, Mexico and Africa. Belinda has also received one-on-one training and guidance from Dr. Tabár.

Belinda has extensive experience with Digital Mammography, 3D Breast Tomosynthesis, Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, Whole Breast Automated 3D Breast Ultrasound, Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsies, Stereotactic Breast Biopsies, Breast MRI, MRI Guided Biopsies, Cryoablation and Bone Densitometry, Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI), operations and program development, accreditation and inspection preparation, breast imaging informatics, and clinical breast exams. Her unique experience in all areas of breast imaging can provide any facility with comprehensive training and consultation services.

Belinda is married with 3 grown children, two grandchildren, 3 dogs and 4 chickens. She currently resides in La Quinta, CA where she enjoys raising her garden, mowing the lawn, hiking and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

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