Would you like to improve the consistency of Breast Ultrasound at your facility? Reduce ergonomic challenges for your sonographers? Offer continuing education in the latest technology and hottest topics in Breast Sonography?  Invest in offering on-site, hands-on training for your team in Breast Sonography to support your staff and your patients.

Mammography Educators is pleased to offer you: 

  • Two days (or more) of on-site trainings that include lectures and hands-on demonstration training with a model and in clinic for up to 8 breast sonographers.
  • Lecture in the morning of first day, upon request, topic TBD.
  • Hands-on positioning workshop with a live model(s) following the lecture (if requested) and an opportunity for each sonographer to practice the technique with immediate feedback.
  • Individual instruction for each sonographer with patients in the clinic setting, critiquing their techniques and reviewing together the quality of their images. 
  • Review and recommendations regarding policies and protocols per your request. 
  • Consult with lead interpreting radiologist, upon request. 

Are you interested in Breast Ultrasound training at your facility? Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you soon.