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Continuing Education

Mammography Educators, formerly QCC, has trained over 40,000 technologists in the United States and Canada since 1990. Our professional, interactive, and dynamic courses are offered as mammography education webinars, one-day (6-8 credits) and two-day programs (15 credits). Register 
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Mammography Consulting

On-site, hands-on mammography positioning training for technologists, in addition to other consulting services, both on-site and remotely, to assist breast centers with accreditation and inspection preparation, patient tracking, breast center operations, and workflow analysis. Read More

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Initial Training

A comprehensive, on demand 40-hour initial training course in mammography with academic-based mammography educators who have over three decades of experience in breast imaging. This course covers all topics in the ARRT content specifications to prepare you for your boards. Register 

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Hear what the community has to say about Louise Miller, our lead mammography educator:

Louise Miller is one of the real gems of the breast imaging world. She is a great teacher, innovator, imager, author, and passionate advocate for women and women’s imaging. She has been generous enough to share her talents with all of us in so many ways over the years. There is no one better at positioning than she, and through her teaching, she has truly elevated the level of mammography throughout this country, and indeed, much of the rest of the world. I am proud and honored to consider her both a trusted colleague and a dear friend.

Michael N. Linver, MD, FACR, FSBI, 2020 Society of Breast Imaging Gold Medal Recipient

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mammography educators leading the world with the best in mammography & breast health education!

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