mammography consultanting holding hands to the center with pink balloons and pink breast cancer ribbons overhead

Hands together for early detection!

It is time to solve your breast center’s troubles with high-quality mammography education.


Connect with our expert mammography consultants from all over the United States to provide the best in on-site mammography consulting for your organization.  We offer affordable and satisfaction guaranteed consulting services in a variety of areas your breast imaging site may be struggling with.  

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now offering virtual mammography consultations that fit your imaging center’s unique needs.

Although our mammography consulting packages are tailor-made to fit your goals, we specialize in these common breast center challenges:


Why Choose Mammography Educators to be your Mammography Consultant?

        1. Mammography Educators offers the highest level of service and possesses outstanding qualities not offered by similar training services. 
        2. Mammography Educators’ positioning technique The Miller Methodis the only technique that has been analyzed and published (AJR, Dec 2017) that establishes criteria for optimal image quality.
        3. All Positioning Trainers have been personally trained and mentored by Louise Miller in The Miller Method so techniques are consistent, proficient, efficient and ergonomically sound.
        4. All Positioning Trainers have extensive backgrounds teaching and working in academic medicine and/or SBI Centers of Excellence.